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Wednesday, September 5, 2018From 19:00 to 21:00


People Squared
28 Yuyuan E Rd, Jingan Qu, Shanghai Shi


Welcome to X-Reality! Join us for a night of networking and learn from our speakers who will share their insights about XR technologies.

About the Speakers:
Changbai Li – Creative Developer
Changbai Li is a creative technologist specializing in game design, web art, and tool development.

Sukrit Tan – Business Development Manager, 5DS VR
Sukrit is closely involved in the development of VR/AR industry in Shanghai and Bangkok for the past few years. Currently he is working as business development manager at 5DS VR, which is focused on hyper-reality VR solution for location-based entertainment such as theme park and escape room. Prior to joining the interactive entertainment industry, he had spent few years in equity research that focused on South East Asia’s Internet, tech and e-commerce sector.

Matt Olrich – CEO, Clever Robot Labs, Inc.
Matt has 22 years of experience in games and app development and 12 years running startups in China. As the Founder/CEO of the independent mobile games studio Ant Hive Games (Shanghai), he has produced a multiple-award-winning mobile game and completed many other cross-platform game/app development projects. He was the Co-founder/VP of Production of the video game art outsourcing studio Vykarian (Shanghai) where he played a key role in growing the studio from 8 to 120 staff, maintaining production quality for all projects and secured the studios largest clients, including Activision, Disney, and CCP Online.

Cyrus Lum – Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder, Clever Robot Labs, Inc.
Cyrus has over 28 years of experience in game production, development and management roles with both publishing and independent development companies. He was the Studio Art Director of Midway Studios-Austin, where he helped to grow the company from 50 to over 150 employees. Cyrus is also an advisory board member for the annual industry Game Developer's Conference (GDC) and has served on the board for over 10 years.

Alan Stafford – Software Architect & XR Hacker, former frog design, AKQA
Alan is a Software Architect freelancer, former CTO and game designer for a VR startup, a Senior Solutions Architect at frog design and Tech Director at AKQA. He’s been coding and writing games for over 25 years and been waiting as long for VR to finally be a thing.

Event Schedule:
7:00–7:30 Networking
7:30–8:00 Flash Talks
1) The Warbler: Introducing Software Developers to Physical Computing
By turning the hardware sensors' output into formats that web and unity developers are familiar with, they can skip the nitty-gritty and focus on enjoying the design challenges of physical computing.

2) Sukrit’s Talk
Sukrit will talk about:
• What is hyper-reality VR
• Brief history - the supply push and demand pull in the industry
• Key tech involvement
• Opportunity and outlook of industry
• Q&A

3) Matt and Cyrus’ Talk
How to use AR headset and 6Dof controllers, and how they work with the AR kit

8:00–8.30: Alan Stafford’s Talk: Guerilla Prototyping for VR & AR
VR and AR are world-changing technologies that not many hackers have had a chance to experience, let alone experiment with. Alan will talk you through how you can start to experiment, his prototyping philosophy and some of his most outlandish projects.

8:30–9:00 Networking

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