Asia Hardware Battle 2018: Paying a visit to the East Asia Trio

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Thursday, September 27, 2018From 13:30 to 17:30


Your Space
3F, No. 102, Guangfu South Road, Daan District, Taipei, Taiwan


The East Asian trio has been known for their relatively successful hardware sectors. That’s why Seoul, Tokyo, and Taipei are all on the list of cities Asian Hardware Battle (AHB) will be coming to this year in search of the next hardware startup superstar.

We are currently in the Online Registration phase ( We’re looking for hardware startups with Pre-Series A or a total funding of less than $5 million. Startups must have a prototype, and projects must exhibit the following: creativity, pain point resolution, business value, sustainable development, technical innovation, and product design.

After online registrations are complete, applicants will be reviewed and 10 teams from each city will be chosen to take part in City Pitching. City Pitching will be half-day affairs taking place city-by-city. Startups will be given 7 minutes for pitch and demo, followed by an intense round of questions from prominent judges in the industry. After all 10 startups have completed their pitch, judges will deliberate over the top winner. The top winner from each city will automatically qualify for the final, and remaining runner-up teams will undergo stringent preliminary selection by top international judges including, but not limited to, professionals, corporates, and VCs from TechCrunch, BMW, SoftBank, 500 Startups, and many more. Only 15 teams will emerge to take part in The Grand Finals held in Shanghai.

Meet (數位時代創業小聚), our partner in Taipei, will be organizing AHB’s City Pitching portion at YOUR SPACE. Meet (數位時代創業小聚) is an innovation and entrepreneurial community platform promoted by Digital Age since 2011, providing opportunities for entrepreneurs to share and exchange ideas and resources. Meet (數位時代創業小聚) organizes startup exhibitions, entrepreneurship gatherings, industry salon exchanges, annual conferences and demo shows with the aim to empower the Taiwanese innovative and entrepreneurial community.