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Friday, July 13, 2018From 18:00 to 21:00


The MakerHive Hong Kong
10th floor, Cheung Hing Building
12P Smithfield Road
Kennedy Town
Hong Kong


Join design engineers Angela May Eng and Phil Tsao of MistyWest as they talk about strategies on how to solve design problems and how to improve the design process through making.

About Angela May:
Angela May is a mechanical design engineer at MistyWest in Vancouver, BC. From cutting edge fuel cell research, to neonatal infant monitoring devices, to wearable environmental trackers, Angela has contributed mechanical design expertise, project management expertise, and corporate strategy insight that has helped MistyWest grow from a rag-tag team of a few engineers to a multimillion dollar product design consultancy with a global reputation. When technology companies with household names have a difficult challenge - they call MistyWest.

Angela's Talk:
What does it take to solve a really hard problem? As we face a world of increasing complexity, the ability to solve the “unsolvable” may be the difference between a surviving culture and a thriving one. MistyWest has hacked the problem of solving problems by ONLY taking projects with great technical uncertainty that make the world a better place. Leading technology companies turn to us, and we'd like to share our methods so we can all work towards a brighter future.

About Phil:
Phil holds a degree in Electrical Engineering with a Biomedical specialization. He has extensive experience with automation in the genomics & life sciences industry and is adept at electronics, mechanical design, firmware/software, and rapid prototyping. He is particularly interested in product design, machining and design for manufacturing.

Phil's Talk:
Many designers and engineers are adept at using CAD modelling software, as well as PCB design software. However, they often lack the hands on experience on the other side. This lack of experience in areas such as surface mount soldering, machining, 3D printing and other manufacturing techniques can lead to costly decisions that not only increase part costs but iteration cycles. At MistyWest, many of our engineers are passionate about making and have hands on experience using machines for manufacturing. This allows us to not only rapidly prototype, but also design smart, elegant solutions that minimize machining or processing time. This talk will highlight some important take-aways as well as show examples of products we've designed.

Event Agenda:
6pm - Doors open
6:30pm - Angela’s talk
7pm - Q&A
7:15pm - Networking Break
7:30pm - Phil’s Talk
8pm - Q&A
8:30pm - General networking and end of program

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