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Monday, February 5, 2018From 18:30 to 20:30


Pløens Gate 4, 0181 Oslo


Transitioning from simple prototypes to more advanced prototypes. How does one find resources for the concept phase? How does one manage them? What considerations should be made?

These and more questions will be discussed by the successful Moviemask and Wiral at the first event of the Oslo Chapter. Welcome to a set of great keynotes and a relaxed and casual atmosphere!

Eventen holdes på norsk med følgende tidslinje:
18:30: Hva er Hardware Massive? Presentasjon av hva nettverket Hardware Massive er.
18:45: Moviemask: "Trekløveret for å komme fra idé til marked: Kunder, Finansiering & Produktutvikling"
19:00: Pause
19:15: Wiral: "Fra prototype til produksjon på 6 måneder"

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See you there!