Pitch Competition! - Winner Gets Tickets to HardwareCon

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Full datetime event: 

Tuesday, February 27, 2018From 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm


The Innevation Center
6795 S Edmond St, 3rd floor
Las Vegas, NV 89118


Pitch your prototype to Win Two free tickets to Hardware Con in San Jose April 19-20, 2018. The winner will get free booths as well as the chance to win the grand prize (worth $50k).

This is a great opportunity to practice your pitch. You will be give 5 minutes to make your pitch with 5 minutes for judges to ask questions.

We are seeking volunteer judges so if you have experience as a startup judge or represent an investment firm, please contact Hector Quiroz (leader/organizer).

If available, please bring a hard copy of your business model canvas with your pitch. You may also use a powerpoint deck (10-12 slides max).

Practice to make sure you don't exceed 5 minutes. We will fill the block with a maximum of seven pitches.