Developing Complex Hardware and Software Solutions: Lessons from Developing an AI Robot Line

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Wednesday, January 24, 2018From 18:30 to 21:30


SimplyWork 2.0 (Fulizhen Building)
3F Fulizhen Building, 1 Kefa Road, Nanshan, Shenzhen


Welcome to our Shenzhen event at Simplywork 2.0, this month our speaker Gavenraj Sodhi will talk about"Developing Complex Hardware and Software Solutions: From the View of an Insider Who is Involved with a Robotic Companion".

As the CEO of Solbit Group. He will share my real-life experiences being in China (specifically in Shenzhen) of the grit and drive necessary to build and bring to market a complex hardware and software solution. No easy task for the weary and this is a real-life story you won't want to miss.

Event Agenda:
• 6:30: Networking, Beer & Pizza
• 7:00: Opening, Demos & Pitches
简介 - 谁想要介绍他们的产品或服务请上前去,每人2分钟。
• 7:20: Speakers' Talks w/ Q&A
• 8:20: Networking, Beer & Pizza
• 9:30: Event Ends

This event is supported by:
• Clarity - Clarity designs and develop web and mobile applications: they bring ideas to life.
• Borsam IP devotes itself to help SME protecting their intellectual property rights in China.
• Startup Launchpad - Asia’s largest hardware startup tradeshow held in Hong Kong that gives new companies access to 60,000+ distributors and retailers worldwide.
• BSG Berkeley Sourcing Group - An international turnkey manufacture provider for hardware startups.
• FirstShotz is China's largest no risk marketing and distribution agency.
• SimplyWork - An international and nurturing coworking space based in Shenzhen, which has 8 spaces in different districts.

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