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Los Angeles — Thursday, November 16, 201710:00New York — Thursday, November 16, 201713:00London — Thursday, November 16, 201718:00Athens — Thursday, November 16, 201720:00Singapore — Friday, November 17, 20172:00Sydney — Friday, November 17, 20175:00


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Hardware startups all too often prioritize raising venture capital ahead of developing creative capital (design insights, skills & assets). That’s why we are pleased to announce Brett Lovelady, Founder & Chief Instigator of one of the world’s most recognized design firms, ASTRO Studios. Brett will be speaking about the strategic use of design as creative capital in startups, and the opportunity it presents for companies to reduce risk and enhance their overall valuation.

ASTRO Studios is a San Francisco based industrial and product design studio. ASTRO’s model places an emphasis on providing companies, at all stages, design driven pathways to define, design, and deploy iconic products. ASTRO’s services include industrial design, brand communications, naming, packaging and experience design for products ranging anywhere from consumer electronics, housewares, consumer packaged goods, and lifestyle, fashion & soft goods.  

Some of their most iconic and recognizable work includes the design for Nike’s original Triax Watch, Nike’s Fuelband, Microsoft’s Xbox 360, and recently, Shinola Electronics. They’ve collaborated with tech giants such as HP, Alienware, Intel, Samsung, NVIDIA, and many more.

ASTRO has also defined, launched and operated their own start-ups, including ASTRO Gaming (acquired by Skullcandy in 2011, then recently sold to Logitech in August, 2017). Defining and operating their own brands gives ASTRO the experience and empathy to understand what it really takes to run start-ups, and where it pays to have creative capital.

What Will Brett’s Session Cover?
Hardware startups tend to focus heavily on a product's functionality and mechanics, often delaying professional product design and branding. Brett will share some of his experience and discuss what it takes to design successful hardware products and brands. He will share some of ASTRO’s most notable case studies and principles, and address why design should often initiate the development of a new product, brand or business.

What Will Attendees Take Away?
Brett’s session will provide insight into how startups benefit from prioritizing design resources (aka creative capital), the importance of initiating a design process before seeking venture capital for production, and why design should be asserted as a fully vertical discipline in every product-producing organization.

Hardware Massive recommends this session to hardware startups struggling with utilizing design services and leveraging creativity to raise capital."