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Hardware Heroes Conference (OCT 11-14 I 18-21)

Past event


Full datetime event: 

StartWednesday, October 11, 2017 9:00
EndSaturday, October 21, 2017 17:00


New Territories
Hong Kong


What's Happening?

Startup Launchpad is returning this October!

No show would be complete without a conference program. On October 12th, Startup Launchpad welcomes you to Hong Kong for Hardware Heroes Conference, as we invite thought leaders and experts to come and share how they went from ordinary to hardware superheroes. The event is free of charge and aims to drive conversation around hardware technologies, while highlighting stories from successful hardware startups.


Over 300 Startups, 18 speakers and 4 workshops presented by leading hardware heroes from around the world. More brands, more breakouts, more hands-on and more content!

Check out www.launchpadhk.com/HardwareHeroes for full agenda.

Conference Tracks & Announced Speakers

October 12: Investments and Fundraising

-Jessie Lam, Head of Finance at Brinc.io
-Daniel Lin, CEO, FutureWard
-Frank Chen, Business Development Direcotr at Mighty Net
-Atin Batra, Associate at Q Venture

October 13: Product Design & Development
-Richard Kelly, Chief Catalyst at Fung Group
-Humayun (Hugh) Rashid, Managing Director at Xavor Shanghai
-Greg Curtin, CEO of Zocus

October 14: Hardware Manufacturing
-Brian Garvin, Funder and managing director at B. Garvin Souring
-Stephane Boivin, CEO at Pivot88
-Ray Tai, CEO, Mighty Net

October 19: Digital Marketing & Crowdfunding
- Paul Lee, Co-Founder & CEO at Aumeo Audio/ACE Communicated Limited/Ximplar
-Ivan Kan, Founder of Crowdcreate
-Napoleon Biggs, Digital Marketer & E-Commerce Entrepreneur at Web Wednesday Ventures Ltd

October 20: Global Sales & Distribution
-Peter Xie, APAC Business Development at VentureFace
-Dana Madlem, Vice President at Rush Order
-Eytan Wiener, COO & Co-founder, Quantum Networks
-Glenn Chen, Product Development Director at Brookstone

October 21: Exit Strategy
-Alex So, Founder and Managing Partner at FastLane Group

Who Should Attend?
Anyone looking to get insights from international industry experts. Are you a startup in the early stage looking to learn from hardware experts who have paved the way before you? Or maybe a journalist looking for where the conversation happens? No matter what category in the Hardware startup ecosystem you fall into, this conference is for you.

We will take you through the hardware startup process, from ideation to exit discussing the latest trends and also giving you insights into the futures of various IoT technologies and trends. You don't want to miss out.
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