From Digital to Physical: 3D Printing Talks Presented by Hardware Massive Melbourne

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Saturday, September 9, 2017From 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm


Inspire9 Footscray
90 Maribyrnong Street
Footscray, VIC 3011


From Digital to Physical: 3D Printing Talks Presented by Hardware Massive & Fab9
3D printing technology offers new possibilities for the way in which we design, engineer and fabricate. Taking advantage of it’s uniqueness is key to establishing the next industrial revolution.

Hardware Massive Melbourne and Fab9 have joined forces to present a series of talks around from some key players in this billion-dollar worldwide industry.

We’re going to discuss:
Engineering simulation technology for prototyping and validating
Optimising the performance of complex hardware-based products
DFM - Design For Manufacturing
Creative ways to harness 3D printing technology
Making cutting-edge technology accessible
How startups are playing in this dynamic space and the challenges faced
Bring a curious mind, there will be a chance to ask questions and interact with our guest speakers, plus EDgineering will be presenting a live product demo of their Nikon Portable Arms for 3D Metrology (7 axis).
Drinks and refreshments are on Fab9, The Dream Factory’s new makerspace, who provide tools, technology and education for anyone who is interested in making. Opening early 2018.
We look forward to seeing you there!

Sarah Ceravolo - Convolo Design
3D printing is old news, let’s start using it.

As a designer committed to exploring the potential of technology, Sarah Ceravolo has embraced computational design processes and fabrication methods to achieve optimal and dynamic functional form. With a background in Fine Arts and Architecture, Sarah has developed a design-focused skillset ranging from gold and silver-smithing to conceptual technology driven architecture. Having already exhibited at the Beijing Biennale, Sarah presented to members of NASA at the 2012 Venice Biennale Space Symposium.

She has been featured on numerous world renowned blogging websites and has been involved in an exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria where her work is stocked and Wanted Design in New York. Her solo Melbourne exhibition, Tango of the Minimal Surface, took place at fortyfivedownstairs in May 2016 and drew great attention to Sarah’s unique design and methods of fabrication. Sarah is an advisor on thee 3D Manufacturing Industry’s Advisory Committee, Australia.

Gary Haywood - D+I MELBOURNE
Prototyping lessons from the coal-face.

Gary decided early in his career as a Product Designer that behind the desk in the studio wasn’t where he wanted to be. What followed was a lengthy career in commercialization of new products in development and engineering teams in the technology, automotive, industrial, consumer, construction and agricultural sectors.

Gary spent several years working in the earlier days of 3D printing, before going on to manage a Victorian Government/ RMIT University program Design Ready - which advanced design thinking and best practise for product, digital and branding business campaigns.

Gary is Business Development Manager for Design & Industry, a leading Australian product design studio in Melbourne & Sydney. Undertaking close to 160 projects per year for clients such as Telstra, Domino’s Pizza, Siemens Healthcare and Honeywell, D+I also works with many start-up technology companies in their new product development programs.

Dr Hongmei Fan - LEAP & ANSYS
Using Simulation & Digital Prototyping to foster rapid innovation for Start-Ups

Dr Hongmei Fan has more than 20 years of experience, being a senior member of IEEE and participating directly in the execution of 5 patents around the world. Dr Hongmei Fan hasBEng in Solid Electronics, MEng in Metallic Material and Annealing and PhD in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Start-Ups developing Hardware-based products face growing complexity and engineering challenges across multiple physics. In the race to bring a MVP (minimum viable product) to market faster and with limited budgets, Startups are increasingly looking to leverage the best engineering simulation technology to create and test multiple prototypes in a completely digital environment.

LEAP & ANSYS work with a growing number of Start-Ups to develop a cohesive engineering simulation workflow to optimise the performance of complex hardware-based products. The ANSYS Start-Up Program is designed to make this cutting-edge technology accessible to companies of all sizes and at all stages, and we are excited to present some examples of typical design workflows and discuss in detail how to partner with LEAP & ANSYS through Fab9.