IoT and Artificial Intelligence + Machine Learning for Hardware

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017From 19:00 to 21:30


10th Floor, Cheung Hing Industrial Building,, 12P Smithfield, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong


Join us at MakerHive Hong Kong for Hardware Massive Hong Kong!

•Speaker #1: Julian Lee - CEO & Co-Founder of Ambi Labs
Title: IoT and Artificial Intelligence: Experiences from a consumer IoT product

Learn from Ambi Climate’s co-founder how he and his team pivoted through different product concepts, from the initial remote control concept to the final A.I. powered controller, now in its second version on Kickstarter.

•Speaker #2: Mathis Antony - Head of Artificial Intelligence at Ambi Labs
Title: Machine Learning for Hardware Makers

We’ll explore machine learning in the context of IoT and hardware in general. We discuss some recent advances in machine learning and how combining machine learning and IoT gives rise to new opportunities for solving problems.

• 7:00: Networking w/ Beer & Pizza
• 7:30: Opening Remarks, Demos & Pitches
• 7:50: Speakers' Talks w/ Q&A
• 8:50: Networking w/ Beer & Pizza

This event is supported by:
• Startup Launchpad - Asia’s largest hardware startup tradeshow held in Hong Kong that gives new companies access to 60,000+ distributors and retailers worldwide.
• NOA Labs - One of the world's best known turnkey solution for design, development, prototyping, crowdfunding, and mass production.
• Floship - A leading provider of international crowdfunding and e-commerce fulfillment.
• Clarity - Clarity designs and develop web and mobile applications: they bring ideas to life.
• MakerHive Hong Kong - Co-working space for designers and makers in Hong Kong.

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