Online Platforms for Startups / スタートアップのためのオンラインプラットフォーム

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Thursday, May 18, 2017From 19:00 to 22:00


MTRL Kyoto
下京区本塩竈町554, 600-8119, Motoshiogamacho, Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 600-8119, Japan


参加費無料のイベントです 英語と日本語の講演となりますが、ツイッター通訳がつきます。

Main Event Supporter: Kyoto City / ASTEM
This event will be hybrid (English and Japanese translation via twitter)

今回はハードウェアスタートアップのためのオンラインプラットフォームを提供していHardware Massive を招いてイベントを開催いたします。オンラインコミュニティーがスタートアップカルチャーに与える影響についてスタートアップと語り合うチャンスです。



We're joining event co-organizer Makers Boot Camp, the leading hardware accelerator, to bring you this event to bring the Osaka & Kyoto communities together.

Who can support startups online and what kind of support can startups get? How can we make a real collaboration together within the international hardware startup online community?Join our next meetup if you would like to know more about digital initiatives that can benefit startups.

We invited Hardware Massive's Founder and CEO to bring some insights from his expertise in US and China, and illustrate some cases of how collaboration between international players can help startups to develop a new project.

• Greg Fisher | CEO & Founder | Hardware Massive

Hardware Massiveの代表を務めるGreg Fisher 氏は、Berkeley Sourcing GroupのCEOでもあります。11年に渡りこれまで800を超えるスタートアップをサポートしてきました。国際的なオンラインコミュニティーHardware MassiveやHardware Con などを通じて、ハードウェアスタートアップの教育、ネットワーキング、リソースへのアクセスを提供することをミッションとしています。

As founder/CEO of Berkeley Sourcing Group, Greg Fisher has spent the last 11 years working with over 800 startups to manufacture innovative products. Living in China 1/3rd of that time, he worked with hardware startups to help improve their initial designs for DFM, qualify and select factories, manage factory negotiations and relationships, and develop and implement quality control criteria and inspection. With this history, Greg has a unique perspective of what it takes for startups to compete in a space that was previously dominated by big business.

• Narimasa Makino | CEO & Founder | Makers Boot Camp

量産化試作に特化したスタートアップサポートを行うMakers Boot CampのCEOである牧野成将氏は、ベンチャーキャピタリストとしてスタートアップのサポートを長年行ってきました。更なるスタートアップ支援のためファンドを立ち上げ、今後も国内外のハードウェア起業家をサポートをおこなっていきます。

Entrepreneur, investor & venture capitalist at Future Venture Capital & SunBridge Global Ventures, operating incubators and co-working spaces, he’s been able to experience a diverse startup ecosystem, offering many practical solutions in order to support it. Together with Kenshin Fujiwara, CTO & CIO for high-tech startups, technical architect for hardware & software products, and Masatoshi Takeda (crossEffect), a very well succeed business focused on prototype solutions, and also the main representative of Kyoto Shisaku Net (a group of 100 small & medium hardware companies), he co-founded Makers Boot Camp, the leading hardware startup in Japan, in order to complement each other's expertise and face industrial challenges with makers.

• Karlos Ishac | CEO & Founder | LifeChair

LifeChairのCEO兼ファンダーはシドニー大学で機械工学を学んだKarlos Ishac氏です。彼は今現在筑波大学の博士課程の学生でもあり、知能強化を促進するデバイスの開発に取り組んでいます。

Karlos Ishac (LifeChair, CEO/Founder) is a Robotics researcher and gifted inventor. He graduated with an honours degree in Mechatronics Engineering from the University of Sydney in 2013. During this time he developed a breakthrough robotic system for CSIRO that allowed for Human-Robot collaboratory workspaces via smart glasses, computer vision and gaze tracking technologies. Karlos then travelled to Japan to undertake a PhD in Medical Cybernics and Human Informatics. In 2015, he started the company LifeChair with the vision of building smart cities and workplaces of the future through truly intelligent augmentation devices.

• Kentaro Yamamoto | CEO & Founder | Nain

「日本を新たにデザインし、世界を良くしたい」の思いを持ってNain は2014年11月に設立されました。CEOの山本健太郎氏はパイオニア株式会社にてグローバル市場のカーナビ、車載インフォテイメント機器の開発、企画を担当していました。担当製品によるCES Innovation Award, EISA Awardなどの受賞歴があります。

Nain Inc. was established in November, 2014 with the mission of “making the world a better place by designing a new Japan.” The unique team members have interacted with personalities from other countries and at the same time respect Japanese predecessors who have pioneered the world when the internet did not exist.
Kentato Yamamoto is a Complex Systems Engineering and formally planner at Pioneer, where he received both the CES Innovation and EISA Awards, in charge of car navigation systems for the global market and development of on-board infotainment devices.As his new project, APLAY reinvents earphones in order to make commuting surprisingly more comfortable.

【Schedule】イベントスケジュール Event Agenda
•18:30 受付開始/Door Opens
•19:00-19:10 イントロ Intro by Makers Boot Camp
•19:10-19:20 1st Speaker Greg Fisher | Hardware Massive
•19:20-19:30 1st Startup Karlos Ishac | LifeChair
•19:30-19:35 2nd Startup Kentaro Yamamoto | Nain
•19:35-19:40 3rd Startup TBA
•19:40-19:45 休憩Break
•19:55-20:25 1st Panel Discussion - "Online platforms for Startups"
Panelist #1: Greg Fisher | Hardware Massive
Panelist #2: Narimasa Makino | Makers Boot Camp
•20:25-20:55 2st Panel Discussion - "Topic: TBA"
Facilitator: Tomokazu Morisawa | The Deck
Panelist #1: Kentaro Yamamoto | Nain
Panelist #2 Karlos Ishac | LifeChair
Panelist #3 TBA
•20:55-21:00 挨拶 | Closing
•21:00-22:00 交流会 | Networking (自由参加/ Optional)

This event is supported by:
• Kyoto City / ASTEM - Advanced Science, Technology and Management Research Institute of KYOTO
• MTRL Kyoto - Drop in space for creative works.
• mono-revo inc. - Revolutionize manufacturing from Japan.
• Filament - Re:Frame your company.