Drivers of Tokyo Hardware Startup Ecosystem - 東京のハードウェアスタートアップのエコシステムを動かすのは誰か?

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017From 19:00 to 21:30


Impact HUB Tokyo
153-0063, 1st Floor, Insatsu Kojo, 2-11-3, Meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
2-11-3 目黒区目黒 東京都 153-0063



Please join us for the next Tokyo Hardware Massive event at Impact HUB Tokyo.

We have corporates and startup teams who are one of the drivers of Tokyo Hardware Startup Ecosystem.

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Speaker #1: Yasu
Born in Japan but raised in Australia – is an industrial designer from Kabuku, a startup that provides manufacturing platform and design solution. Before Kabuku, he was a designer at Nikon, involved in wide areas from strategy, design, and production. Received design awards: iF, Red Dot, GOOD DESIGN AWARD, etc.
Democratizing the Manufacturing World – as a Kabuku’s corporate vision, I have been leading design projects that lets non-designers and non-makers step into the world of making, and achieving one and only products. From designer’s perspective, I would like to present how the world of hardware design is changing and how that could impact on business, manufacturing and user experience.

Speaker #2: Lisa Kikuchi
Born in 1988, holds Bachelor and Master of Agriculture degrees from the University of Tokyo.
Previously worked at McKinsey & Company in growth strategy and organization reform strategy projects in the manufacturing and pharmaceutical sector. She Joined SenSprout in April 2016 and promoted as the CEO in April 2017.
SenSprout is a startup founded in January 2015 focusing on the development of IoT sensors and cloud service for agriculture. I’d like to introduce both the excitement and the roadblocks we face as we strive to deliver cutting edge technology based on the research at the University of Tokyo to our customers around the world.

Event Agenda:
7:00:7:20: Networking w/ Food & Drinks
7:20-7:40: Opening Remarks, Demos & Pitches (You're invited to speak for 2 minutes)
7:40-8:40: Talks w/ Q&A's
8:40-9:00: Discussions in small groups
9:00-9:30: Discussions & Networking in larger group

This event is powered by:
• Impact HUB Tokyo - A community of entrepreneurs working together to make Japan and the world a better place to live and work. Impact HUB Tokyo is based in Meguro, Tokyo, and offers a place to collaborate, have fun, learn, and connect.

こんにちは!次回のHardware Massiveイベントのお知らせです。


登壇者#1: 横井やすひで
日本生まれ、オーストラリア育ち - 現在はマニュファクチュアリング(ものづくり)のプラットフォームとデザインソリューションを提供するスタートアップ「株式会社カブク」のインダストリアルデザイナーとして働く。前職はニコンでデザイナーをしており、戦略立案、デザイン、製造などの幅広い分野に関わっていた。また、iF, Red Dot, GOOD DESIGN AWARDなどのデザイン賞も受賞した。

登壇者#2: 菊池りさ

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7:00:7:20: ウェルカムドリンク・ネットワーキング
7:20-7:40: 開会の挨拶、デモ、ピッチ
7:40-8:40: 登壇チームからのプレゼン
8:40-9:00: 小グループでのディスカッション
9:00-9:30: ネットワーキング

• Impact HUB Tokyo - Impact HUB Tokyoは、Hardware Massive Tokyoの公式スペース協賛団体です。Impact HUB Tokyoとは、イノベーションラボ、ビジネスインキュベーション、コワーキングスペースの機能を併せ持ち、起業家が集まり、つながり、知識やアイディアを共有するコミュニティスペースとなっています。Impact HUB Tokyoでは、Hardware Massive Tokyoのビジョンに共感し、スペースを提供しています。

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