Hardware Massive CEE - From Prototype to IPO

Past event


Full datetime event: 

Friday, April 7, 2017From 8:30 to 23:00


Reduta Banku Polskiego
Bielańska 10, 00-085 Warszawa


Come and Join us for the Hardware Massive CEE!

This time we bring together the best that Silicon Valley and Europe have to offer in Warsaw.

The event (hm.arkley.vc/) will take participants through the cycle of a hardware product. FROM A PROTOTYPE, manufacturing a product, selling it through retailers and scaling up the company and financing growth through venture capital investment or IPO.

Top keynote speakers and panelists will show what it takes do this, while European leading hardware startups demonstrate their products in a DEMO ROOM (apply here: arkleyvc.typeform.com/to/CmdQbJ).

So far we have a couple of speaker names confirmed, including: SOSV, Amazon Launchpad, Indiegogo, Highway1, Iwaboo, Rush Order, WATTx ... more to come!

At the end of the day we will have a chance to hear CEE's Best Pitches in a Hardware Pitch. Arkley will select 10 OF THE BEST EARLY-STAGE STARTUPS IN THE REGION to pitch in front of America’s hardware influencers. APPLY HERE: goo.gl/bBbLHC. The winner will get a ticket for a Tech Crunch Disrupt and also a chance for securing an investment of 250k EUR with Arkley VC.

Get your tickets here: goo.gl/EdKf2V

Event Agenda:

8:30 Registration
9:00  Welcome speech
9 - 10.30 Keynotes
10:30 Coffee Break & Networking
11 - 12.30 Keynotes
12:30 Lunch & Demo break
2:00 Discussion panel: Prototyping
2:45 Discussion panel: Retail
3:30 Coffee break & Networking
4:00 Discussion panel: Financing
5:00 Hardware Pitch (apply to pitch your startup at the event here: goo.gl/bBbLHC)
6:00 Networking
8:00 Afterparty

In the DEMO ROOM, meet Arkley's startups and many other hardware startups, including:
• Zmorph - The multitool 3D Printer. zmorph3d.com
• Tespack - The most efficient and lightest solar smartpacks in the universe. www.tespack.com
• Lovely - A smart sex toy that helps couples enjoy sex even more. www.ourlovely.com
• BIVROST - Complete set of tools for producing and experiencing 360° videos. www.bivrost360.com
• Robo Wunderkind - A robot anyone can build. www.robowunderkind.com

This event is supported by:
• Arkley VC is an international venture capital fund that specializes in hardware startups and has more than a decade of experience in scaling and developing businesses. www.arkley.vc

Hardware Pitch Submission:
We're on the lookout for the best hardware startups in the whole CEE region. If selected, you will get the chance to pitch at the event in front of Hardware VC's & accelerators during Hardware Massive CEE. Apply here: goo.gl/bBbLHC

This is a Hardware Massive event for Hardware Massive members. If you attend and are not directly RSVP'd through the Hardware Massive event page, you will need to provide your name & email & approval for permission to register you onto our site at the door.