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Wednesday, November 2, 2016From 18:30 to 21:30


Sino-Finnish Design Park
Room 113, 1st Floor, B4 Building, Sino-Finnish Design Park, Fantasia Funian Plaza, Futian Free Trade Zone


Come join us for a very special Hardware Massive Shenzhen event on Wednesday November 2 at Sino-Finnish Design Park!

We are fortunate to have join us Dan Harris & Steve Dickinson, both from Harris Moure law firm and the China Law Blog, who are flying in to speak to our group. They will discuss "How to protect your IP in and from China."

Their China Law Blog is regarded as one of the best law blogs on the web today. The ABA Journal recently named the China Law Blog to its Blawg Hall of Fame (a designation given to the top 20 law blogs of all time).

• Speaker #1 - Dan Harris
Dan Harris is the founding member of Harris Moure, an international law boutique law firm based in Seattle that focuses on representing American companies overseas and foreign (including Chinese companies) in the US. Dan writes and speaks extensively on international law, with a focus on protecting foreign businesses in their overseas operations. He is also a prolific and widely followed blogger, writing as the co-author of the award-winning China Law Blog. www.chinalawblog.com  

Dan has been interviewed on international law issues by Fortune Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, CBC, BBC World, Forbes Magazine, and CNN, among others.  A number of his articles on international law have been published in leading publications, such as the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Law Reports, Forbes Magazine, and the National Law Journal.

• Speaker #2 - Steve Dickinson
Steve Dickinson is an Attorney with Harris Moure, and also the co-author of the China Law Blog. Steve was named one of Washington State’s "5 Most Amazing Attorneys" by Washington CEO Magazine and he was also named one of only three “Washington State Amazing Lawyers” in International Law. harrismoure.com

The bulk of his practice is with foreign companies that do business with China. He conducts business primarily in Chinese and lived in China for years. Steve has lectured in Chinese at the University of Beijing School of Law and the Shanghai Bar Association. He is a frequent speaker throughout the United States and in China (both in English and in Chinese) on various issues relating to International, Chinese, Japanese, and United States law.

• Talk Description:
Whether producing goods in China or selling to the Chinese market, foreign companies that engage in business with China need to know how to protect their technology and other intellectual property from being counterfeited, pirated, or otherwise misappropriated. There are substantial risks companies must identify and address to protect their valuable IP assets. Deals made in China can threaten IP rights not just in China, but in markets around the world. Understanding the Chinese IP landscape and how to manage the pertinent issues can go a long way to safeguarding your valuable IP interests.

A recent Quartz Magazine story stated that the best way to deal with China IP theft is basically to enjoy it because there is little you can do about it. Chinese companies will do everything they can to relieve you of your IP, and our speakers, Dan Harris and Steve Dickinson, do not dispute that. But instead of just allowing your IP to be taken, they vehemently contend that your taking just a few rather basic legal steps can protect your IP. It doesn’t make sense for you to go through all the trouble to create and develop your product just to give it away. In their talk, Dan and Steve will discuss ways to protect your IP in and from China. They will provide methods that are doable and that actually work, even for startups having their products made in China.

Event Agenda:
6:30pm Networking with Beer & Pizza
7:00pm Opening Announcements, Demos & Pitches*
7:45pm Networking with Beer & Pizza
8:00pm Dan & Steve's Talk w/ Q&A
9:00pm Networking with Beer & Pizza

*You're invited to demo/pitch for 2 minutes.

This event is supported by:
• BSG Berkeley Sourcing Group - An international turnkey manufacture provider for hardware startups. www.berkeleysg.com
• Clarity - Clarity designs and develop web and mobile applications: they bring ideas to life. www.clarityhk.com
• Shenzhen Industrial Design Profession Association (SIDA) - A first-class industry association for Shenzhen industrial designers. www.szida.org

Please note that this is a Hardware Massive event for Hardware Massive members. If you attend and are not directly RSVP'd through the Hardware Massive event page, you will need to provide your name & email & approval for permission to register you onto our site at the door.

Thank you, and we look forward to meeting you!