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Wednesday, August 31, 2016From 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm


The Batchery/Port Workspaces
344 20th St. Oakland

2 blocks from 19th St. Oakland BART station
Kaiser Center Parking Garage or street parking


Join us for the August edition of Hardware Massive SF Bay Area at The Batchery/Port Workspaces in Uptown Oakland. This month's talk will be about Engineering the Internet of Things with Margaret Schmitt from ANSYS. youtu.be/er2eC24P37g

Please note the change of venue address. The Batchery is moving! The Batchery is joining up with Port Workspaces, a beautiful converted mall on Lake Merritt. Bigger space, better access, and broader impact on the Bay Area startup ecosystem. Just 2 blocks from BART's 19th Street Oakland Station.

The Internet of Things is heralding in a new era of wearable, mobile, and autonomous devices, paving the way for promising advancements in health care, transportation, manufacturing, and even improving our environmental impact on the planet. At the same time, engineers are tasked with integrating antennas, processors, sensors, and power electronics into their products, to realize "The Internet of Smart Connected Things".

The need for rapid innovation and achieving first-time success has never been greater, and traditional design flows are challenged to keep pace with the need for short development cycles with little time for prototyping and collaboration across teams, to ensure these products meet their performance, cost, reliability and compliance targets. As these "smart, connected" products will be guarding our safety and our health, a new level of trust will be placed in their design, and simulation will play a key role in helping engineers make design decisions with confidence.

Simulation will enable designers to push their products past the current boundary of what is possible, and drive innovation with complete virtual prototypes of their complex systems, validating these across all physics and engineering disciplines. Ms. Schmitt will discuss design challenges in Engineering the Internet of Things and how simulation-driven product development will help engineers break through design barriers and rapidly innovate to develop next generation products for the IoT.

Margaret is the Electronics Business Development Director at ANSYS. She has 18 years of experience in IC and electronic systems design and power integrity sign-off. She specializes in the areas of low-power and power/thermal management, and has prior experience in chip design from Sun Microsystems. She has authored/co-authored several papers on power and signal integrity as well as thermal management of electronic systems.

6:30-7:00 Networking w/ Beer & Pizza
7:00:7:40 Announcements, Demos & Pitches*
7:40-8:00 More Networking
8:00-9:00 Margaret's talk w/ Q&A's
9:00-9:30 More Networking

*If you want to demo your product or pitch your startup/services in front of the group, sign up on the sheet here: goo.gl/2w2nqO . You'll have 2 minutes to speak.

This event is powered by:
• ANSYS - Industry leaders use ANSYS to create complete virtual prototypes of complex products & systems. www.ansys.com
• Rush Order - A full-service fulfillment company specializing in fulfillment for Silicon Valley's leading high tech firms. www.rushorder.com
• The Batchery - A Berkeley-based global incubator for seed stage startups ready to go from idea to launch at lightning speed. www.batchery.io

Community members who pitched/demo'd:
• Andreas Nordin from Minium, the first modern minimalist phone, is looking for AOSP talent. minium.co
• Jillian Ogle from Let's Robot created real life robots which can be controlled via chat room. letsrobot.tv
• Vinay Sisodia presented Finvoice, a quick & easy access to capital for small businesses where you turn invoices into cash. app.finvoice.co
• Manindra Majumdar from Gofind.AI, a visual search engine that brings accurate search results for shopping from an image upload. is looking for retail connections and seed capital. www.gofind.ai
• Clarissa Redwine, Kickstarter's Design & Technology Outreach Lead for the West Coast, is searching for creative hardware and design projects. hardwaremassive.com/clarissaredwine