Don’t forget about production and distribution complexities! ものづくりベンチャーは、生産から流通までを一気通貫で考えよう!

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016From 18:30 to 21:00


Osaka Innovation Hub 大阪イノベーションハブ
〒530-0011 大阪府大阪市, 北区大深町3番1号, グランフロント大阪 ナレッジキャピタルタワーC 7階

7th Floor, Grand Front Osaka Tower-C, 3-1 Ofuka-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0001


Welcome to the Osaka hardware community! We are excited to announce our first Hardware Massive event in Osaka on February 2nd at Osaka Innovation Hub. We'd like to thank our sponsor Osaka Innovation Hub for providing the venue. An admission fee of 500 yen will be collected at the door.
大阪のものづくりスタートアップのコミュニティへようこそ!  2月2日、大阪で初めてHardware Massiveのイベントを開催できることをとても嬉しく思います。会場を提供してくださった大阪イノベーションハブに感謝します。 受付で参加費500円を徴収させていただきます。

-Osaka Innovation Hub is a support hub for global innovation, and aims to make the most of what Osaka and Kansai can offer by bringing in people, information, and fund from home and abroad to create and support projects that lead to new products and services.

This month we have Ben Wong flying in from Hong Kong to speak to our group. Mr. Wong is the head of Global Sources Direct [ ], a new initiative from Global Sources to work closely with startups with the goal of facilitating their growth, and ultimately helping them scale correctly via marketing, pricing, production, and distribution. Ben also managed projects at Global Sources [ ] that facilitated trade between startups/suppliers and buyers worldwide.
今回は、ベン・ウォン氏を香港から迎え、我々のコミュニティとの対談を行います。ウォン氏は、スタートアップに寄り添い成長を推進するGlobal Sourcesの新構想 ’Global Sources Direct’ [ ]のプロジェクトリーダーで、マーケティング、価格設定、生産、流通を通じてスタートアップの着実な躍進を支援しています。またGlobal Sources [ ]でプロジェクトの管理も手がけ、世界を舞台にスタートアップ/サプライヤー、バイヤーの取引を促進してきました。

The main topic of his speech is "Production and Distribution Complexities". There’s a lot of talk today about how much startups are able to raise, and the search for the next unicorn continues to be a hot topic. Hardware startups are often bogged down on formulating their pitch decks and mocking up their prototypes, but they overlook the importance of production in scale while keeping cost of production low. Accordingly, they also mismanage pricing, therefore making it more difficult to set up online and offline distribution correctly. This talk will focus on how hardware startups need to also work backwards all the way from setting a retail price on their products.
ウォン氏の講演のテーマは「生産から流通までを一気通貫で考えよう!」です。 ものづくりスタートアップは、ビジネスプランと試作品の段階でよく行き詰まりますが、生産コストを低く抑えながら実現する量産化の重要性を見落としてしまいます。そうなると価格設定を誤り、適切なオンライン/オフラインでの流通経路の設定がさらに困難になります。 講演では、ものづくりスタートアップが、製品の目標小売価格から、逆算して考える方法の重要性に焦点を当てます。

There will also be an opening remark from Greg Fisher, the founder of Hardware Massive. Greg Fisher is the CEO of Berkeley Sourcing Group [ ], a turnkey manufacturing services provider for small businesses manufacturing overseas. He has worked with over 600 customers during that time and had the privilege to learn first hand what works (and what doesn't!) when it comes to small businesses taking new products to market and how to manage the manufacturing relationships and processes in China.
イベントの冒頭、Hardware Massiveの創設者でBerkeley Sourcing Group(BSG)[ ]のCEOグレッグ・フィッシャーが開会のあいさつをします。BSGは、小規模ものづくり企業の国外製造をターンキーで支援しており、これまで600人以上の顧客に携わったことで、新製品の市場投入と、中国における連携等のビジネス手法の成功/失敗パターンの両方に通じている大きな強みがあります。

We will also have a product demo of the following products:
-The CEO of Aromajoin Corporation will introduce the Aroma Shooter, the world’s first directional airflow with no lingering scents.
-The President of Prokidai Corporation will demonstrate Air, a Heart Rate Sensor Pad for bicyclists.

The event agenda is as follows:
6:30-6:45: Registration & Networking
6:45-7:10: Opening Remarks & Announcements
7:10-7:25: Demos & Pitches - You're invited to speak for 2 minutes.*
7:25-8:00: Food & Drinks with Networking
8:00-8:45: Ben Wong's talk on "Don’t forget about production and distribution complexities!" with Q&A
8:45-9:00: Closing Remarks

6:30~6:45 受付&ネットワークング
6:45~7:10 開会あいさつとHardware Massive及び新たなコミュニティの紹介 & グレッグ・フィッシャー(Berkeley Sourcing Group 創設者)ほか
7:10~7:25 製品の実演・ピッチ(1人あたり2分間 )
7:25~8:00 ネットワーキング(飲食あり/会費500円 )
8:00~8:45 講演「生産から流通までを一気通貫で考えよう」と質疑応答 & ベン・ウォン(Global Sources Direct プロジェクトリーダー)
8:45~9:00 閉会あいさつ

*If you'd like to demo, please email your name, the name of your company, and a brief description to gfisher at . You'll have 2 minutes to speak in front of the group about your product. This is a great time to let the group know why you are there so you can receive the maximum benefits of attending our events. If you are looking for a designer, let the group know. If you are looking for feedback on your product, demo your product. Whatever you are looking for, getting in front of the group is the definitive way to achieve that.
製品の実演を希望される場合、氏名、会社名、製品の簡単な説明を、gfisher @ berkeleysg .comまでメールでお送りください。聴衆を前に2分間の製品紹介をすることは、あなたのプレゼンスをコミュニティのメンバーに知らせる絶好の機会となり、イベント参加のメリットを最大限に享受できます。 もしデザイナーをお探しならまず我々にお知らせください。製品へのフィードバックが必要ならそれを実演しに来てください。どんな要望をお持ちでも、我々のこの取組みに参画することで確実にその実現につながります。

If you don't sign up beforehand, you may still demo at the event if there is time remaining.