Established on January 1st, 2015, SimplyWork is a welcoming and nurturing coworking brand based in Shenzhen, China. Aimed at providing entrepreneurs with well-equipped facilities and thoughtful services, SimplyWork has 8 spaces available for now and will soon expand to 10 in different districts locally.

Within two years, over 400 startup teams (3000+ whales aka members in total) have been working here and more than 700 entrepreneurial activities have been hosted. What’s more, we work closely with around 200 investment institutions and 30 professional financial advisors all around the world in order to help the entrepreneurs here to find their next investor or co-founder. We are also a bridge between 250 partners and those who are in need of services on legal advice, company registration, intellectual property, design, house renting, ticket booking, etc.

SimplyWork has maintained close contact with more than 60 medias at home and abroad so far and has helped some of the startups here to be featured on domestic and international media platforms, such as the Tokyo TV, Shenzhen TV, TechNode, ShenzhenDaily, German Economic Weekly, Switzerland Credit Suisse Bulletin, 36Kr, PingWest, etc.

Organization Stats