L2M ES, provides expert engineering design services in multiple disciplines. We bring your project/idea to MVP design and to large scale manufacturing.

L2M ES provides the following services to our clients:

- Expertise in multiple disciplines
- Technical approach and direction of your product
- Develop POC and MVP plans
- Provide Goal and Timelines
- Engineers with over twenty years of experience in their specific fields
- Specialty in developing IoT products that require cross-discipline teams
- Relationships with global suppliers:
- Major electronic manufacturers
- Plastic molding suppliers
- Contract manufacturers
- Distribution channels                                                 

Our staff has led multi-discipline global engineering teams and has developed a wide range of products for the following industries:

- IoT                                                                               
- Mobility
- Wearables                                                                   
- Security
- Medical
- Military  

Our areas of expertise include:

- Microprocessor/Microcontroller Design
- OS development
- Power Supplies
- IoT sensors
- LED control
- Embedded Linux Environment
- Wireless communications
- Rules Engine Definition
- Wi-Fi
- Edge and Cloud Analytics
- Bluetooth
- Multi-platform software design and development

For additional information contact us:
www.l2mes.com <42>iot@l2mes.com


ManhattanUnited States