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IMEX Sourcing Provides sourcing & quality control services in China.

IMEX Sourcing is the sourcing services division of IMEX Liaisons Group.

We provide full-line sourcing services to companies outside China who wish to take advantage of China’s manufacturing might and cost-efficient production.

We concentrate our efforts in the following areas to ensure your sourcing experience ends up smooth, trouble-free, and cost-effective.

•Complete Project management from sourcing to delivery
•Comprehensive Sourcing and supplier/manufacturer Verification
•Contract preparation in Mandarin Chinese to ensure understanding and compliance
•Negotiation services for costings, payment terms & trade terms
•Building Quality Control mechanisms
•Inspection services: from during production to pre-shipment to loading inspections
•Logistics, including document preparation, customs clearance and product delivery
•New product development services if you want to prototype and manufacture new products

You receive full project management oversight to protect you against the inevitable challenges that crop up when dealing with suppliers whose language, working style and communication is vastly different than yours.

We monitor quality through every step of the process – from supplier selection to delivery at your doorstep. Because it often takes only one bad shipment from your supplier to wipe out the profit from 10-20 good shipments. Our constant contact and supplier vigilance puts your mind at ease and spares you this nightmare.

Outsourced project management saves you time, reduces the risks of known and unknown problem areas, and lets you spend your time on what you do best. While you entrust your China importing projects with us – what we do best.

We become your office in China – without the stress, overhead and management expense of setting up your own.

Our trade volumes and factory relationships enable us to procure prices that offer a substantial saving compared to those offered on online B2B portals. Our sourcing specialists are bilingual Chinese natives, ensuring that we communicate in the factory’s language and business style.

We deal with baseline factories, unlike the majority of online portals, who are often thinly-disguised trading companies. They often have a margin built in (sometimes substantial). By locating the root source i.e. factories & workshops, our native Chinese sourcing specialists are able to cut product costs for our customers by 5% to 50%.

For clients who have existing relationships with suppliers or are looking to start one with Chinese suppliers, we act as a third-party representing our clients and ensuring their deadlines are respected and most importantly, agreed Quality Standards are met. This is done through several mechanisms such as good contracts written in Chinese, factory background checks, inspections and other quality control mechanisms.

While China is a great location to source all kinds of products at good prices, unfortunately, fraud is an equally big business in China.

To safeguard you against such threats, our Supplier verification services carry out a thorough supplier background check. Contact us for details on the different levels of Supplier Verification Services we offer.

-Other Services-

As part of our sourcing & quality control services, we also provide miscellaneous services and manage and plan our client’s China visit from booking hotels, to arranging factory visits and providing translators.

This ensures that clients can maximize their china visit. Translators play a great role in helping clients who wish to go through the product selection process themselves in China. In addition to guiding our clients to the right vendors, markets and manufacturers, our translators also help with negotiations with the manufacturers on the client’s behalf, in the client’s presence, ensuring that there is complete transparency of prices agreed with the manufacturer.

Many clients take advantage of our Opportunity Finder program. Because we deal with such a large number of suppliers in many industries, we often discover products which would be a great fit for your business. This program offers you the chance to see those, often before your competitors. This can give you a significant early-to-market advantage.

For more details on these services, please get in touch with us.

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